Come join us for this useful and fun special event. Useful to increase awareness of the upcoming hurricane season and fun as you are challenged to work stations in each of the gulf coast states. Stations to include W4F for Florida, W4A for Alabama, W5M for Mississippi, W5L for Louisiana, and W5T for Texas.

A bonus station K5H will also be available and will get you a sticker on your certificate. So look for Katrina 5 Hurricane as you scan for event stations.


Work any 3 or more stations to qualify for a certificate. Work them all and get a Clean Sweep. Work K5H to get a bonus station sticker.

Send in your log information for each contact along with $7.00 to get your certificate. This will cover expenses of printing and mailing certificates and printing QSL cards.

QSL Cards

ALL QSL cards will be handled by AG5Z  and will require an SASE unless  your cards  are included with a certificate request. Replys to cards not having a SASE and not sent in with a certificate request can not be  sent.


All Certificate requests and QSL cards should be sent to:

Larry Morgan  AG5Z

96 Oak Haven Road

Purvis, MS  39475

Your call: _________________

 Call     Date    Time      Freq      Mode











Gulf Coast Hurricanes

Special Event 2022


Due to the nature of this event and the communication about hurricane experiences between operators FT-8 mode may not be used in certificate applications.